North Carolina Passports: Challenge Accepted

Have I mentioned before that my family loves to travel?!? Yes, we do! We don’t sit still very long. My husband and kids have the same wanderlust I have, we just all want to go and see as much of this beautiful world as possible.

So when we discovered that the North Carolina State Parks were doing a challenge to see if you could visit all the State Parks in 365 days, we were happy to accept that challenge!

The Passport Challenge consists of getting a stamp at every N.C. State Park and one stamp for completing a section of the Mountains to Sea Trail. You need 41 stamps in all to complete your passport.

If you would rather take your time and try and get to all of the parks at a more leisurely pace, that’s fine too! You can still receive the prizes as well, but the only way to get the final prize is to complete them all in 365 days.

There are different levels of prizes that you can receive once completing parts of the challenge. For every ten parks you get stamped, you email them a picture and they send you your prizes.



If you get all 41 stamps in 365 days, you will receive a special prize for completing the challenge.

We are so excited and have already been to quite a few in just a couple of weeks! Check back in to see our progress!!!

For more information you can go to the North Carolina State Parks website by clicking the link below


25 thoughts on “North Carolina Passports: Challenge Accepted

  1. I’m so glad you and my grandbabies love to travel and see new things! They will always remember the times you spent together exploring the state parks!!

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  2. I love this challenge! I don’t live there but it inspires me to see if my state does. And if not I could do it my own. What a fun idea! Thanks for the tip!

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  3. Please do share what that “special” gift is when you complete the goal. I’m excited to hear about it. 🙂


  4. ohhh this looks like a fun challenge, too bad I am far away to be able to participate, but this is a really great contest, going to have to watch out to see what that mystery prize is 😀


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