The Perfect Mom

As I’m laying in bed this morning, watching my precious babies sleep, I don’t want to wake them and get them ready for school. What I would give to keep them home with me forever! I love them! They are everything to me!

Sure, I could homeschool them (well, my husband says no, but I could) but then, is that really fair to them? They like school! They love going and spending the day with their friends. Should I take that away, just because I’m selfish and crave more time with them?

My son is 9! Nine! He has grown so fast, and I am so thankful that he still loves to hold my hand or snuggle with me on the couch, but it breaks my heart that one day it won’t be this way anymore. So I want to soak it all in now while I can.

My baby girl is 5! She started kindergarten this year. Which has been extremely difficult for the both of us. She’s my girl, the one who’s been here with me ever single day for the last 5 years. I don’t even like to go to the grocery store now when she’s at school, because I see moms with little ones and it breaks my heart because that stage of my life is over now.

I became I stay at home mom when I was 5 months pregnant with my son. I can honestly say, I have loved every minute! I am so thankful that I have had this time to be home with them! It’s irreplaceable in my opinion, this time is something that I will always cherish. I have savored it, knowing that one day it won’t be this way.

I just want to be the best mom I can possibly be! I am pretty hard on myself, and I worry a lot! Sometimes I get really focused on being a prefect mom but I know that I am far from perfect. Do I play with them enough, do they know how much I love them, should I have gone back to work so we could have been better off financially? Things like these start to run through my mind and I used to let them just take over and really get to me.

But now, I just let those thoughts go right out, because I know I have been the best mom I can be for them. I don’t let myself get tangled up in the “am I a prefect mom” question because no I’m not. No one is! We may perceive other moms as prefect and they feel the same about us! We need to stop beating ourselves up and realize, being a mom is amazing and we all do it differently and that’s ok!!

Love on those babies while you can! It goes faster than anyone can imagine! ❤️


About me…

So I got all caught up in writing my first blog post 😁 that I totally forgot that I should probably do an “about me” post so y’all could get to know a little more about me!!

My name is Meredith & I live in North Carolina. I just turned the big 3-0 in September, which surprisingly wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! Actually I had pretty much the best birthday every this year, but more about that later!

I am married to my high school sweetheart, well kinda I guess. He graduated the year before I went to high high school but we started dating my sophomore year when I was 15! We’ve been together ever since, almost 15 years and this coming January we will be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary!

I am a Momma to the two best kids in the world! No seriously, they are the absolute best! They are my best friends, my favorite people ever and my life lines! I cannot imagine my life if I were not their Momma!

My oldest, my sweet boy, is Hunter and he is 9! Not really sure how that happened, somehow I blinked and all the sudden he’s not a little baby anymore! It breaks my heart how grown up he has become, but luckily he is a Momma’s boy (in a good way) and we are still super close! I hope it always stays that way! Coolest 9 year old you’ll meet, but he’s the most genuinely kind and sweet boy also. He loves everyone and has a heart full of compassion for people! Pretty much a genius as well, I’m telling you, this kid is gonna change the world!

My littlest one, my sweet baby girl, Hannah, who is 5, but literally thinks she’s going on 15! She too somehow has grown so fast, but seems like it was even faster than her brother. I don’t know if it’s because she’s the last one or what but these last few years have went by so quick! She is super duper smart, funny, kind, caring and loving but she also has this other side that, well let’s just say, I’m definitely getting payback from all my years as a little rebel (says my mom 🙄). I cannot wait to see the amazing things she does as well!

I am a stay-at-home mom and I have been since I was pregnant with Hunter. When I was a little girl, my teacher went around the room asking what we wanted to be when we grew up, when she got to me I said I wanted to be a Mom. She then said that’s not what she meant, what job did I want to have when I was a grown up. Again I said a Mom. That’s all I have ever wanted to be! My mom was a great mom (still is) and I’ve always wanted to be as good as a mom as her to my own kids!

I have been very blessed with a husband who knows how important that role is to me and has made it possible for me to stay home with my babies for the last 10 years, even when it wasn’t easy.

I have worked from home for my husbands uncle for about 8 years, pretty much just for spending money for the kids and I. But without that, I don’t know if I would have been able to stay home all these years. It’s nice to have my OWN money. 😝

I am a huge animal lover! I have 15 chickens, 6 ducks, a rabbit (I had two but one just passed away a few days ago 😢), 2 potbelly pigs and a dog. I love them so much and I’m glad my kids get to grow up having all these different types of animals!

I love to travel, I am obsessed with the idea of selling everything we own, buying a bus and traveling around the country and then the world! If I could figure out a way to pay for it all, I would already be on that! I just love exploring new places, and I want to go and see as many as I possibly can!

We are a very close little family. We don’t really do anything that our kids can’t go do with us! We spend all of our time together and I am so thankful for that! We love the outdoors. The mountains are our home away from home. Every time we go there we say, one day we will move up there! But we also say the same thing every time we go to the beach! We love the beach, so much!

Some of my favorite hobbies are playing with my kids, backpacking, hiking, camping, exploring, gold panning, metal detecting, swimming, kayaking, fishing, hunting, photography, crafts, reading, writing and traveling.

I am obsessed with Walt Disney World and everything Disney! We went for the first time last fall and now I’m planning our next trip for the spring! I’m so excited!!!! I loved all of the Disney movies growing up and still do!! I’ve even been thinking about getting a Disney tattoo. 🤔

I love writing, so I really hope I can do a good job blogging and I also would like write children’s books! That’s my goal over the next year, my 2019 New Years Resolution, is to get one book finished!

Well, I don’t really think there is a whole lot left that I haven’t told you guys about me. So hopefully you learned some interesting things and want to keep coming back and reading what I have to write!!!! ❤️

Day trip to the mountains to see the leaves…

We got up yesterday morning and drove about an hour and a half up to Wilkesboro, to get onto the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is something we try to do every year. Here in North Carolina, every year people come from all over to ride on the parkway and look at the fall foliage, something the NC mountains are famous for. For years I wondered why someone would ride to the mountains just to see the leaves, but one year we took our son camping for the first time, and it just so happened to be the perfect time to see the leaves and it was beautiful! We’ve been back every year since!

This year, unfortunately has not been a great year for the fall foliage. Hurricanes, storms and just plain rain and wind have greatly devastated the leaves and many of them fell off before turning. All that plus the fact that it was unusually hot here, has just really messed with the beauty of the leaves.


But, any day in the mountains is a good day to me! It was still beautiful as always! There were places where the color was better than others.

I’ve been wanting to see a bear in the wild (all the time I’ve spent out in the mountains and I’ve never seen one), and on the way up I told Michael (my husband) that I really hoped we got to see one! Well, we did! A little too close actually but I’ll take it! It ran out of the woods right in front of our car and we had to slam on brakes! It was so cool to finally be able to see one, and I even had time to snap a few pics of the little guy!


We went on down the parkway to Blowing Rock (one of my favorite places in the world!) walked around downtown and let the kids play at the park for a little bit. Then we went and rode through Boone before heading home. I’m telling you, it gets harder and harder to leave the mountains every time I go!

We had a great day! The kids enjoyed looking at the pretty leaves and getting to go out and explore a little bit. They especially liked getting to see the bear! We can’t wait to go back soon!!!