Day trip to the mountains to see the leaves…

We got up yesterday morning and drove about an hour and a half up to Wilkesboro, to get onto the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is something we try to do every year. Here in North Carolina, every year people come from all over to ride on the parkway and look at the fall foliage, something the NC mountains are famous for. For years I wondered why someone would ride to the mountains just to see the leaves, but one year we took our son camping for the first time, and it just so happened to be the perfect time to see the leaves and it was beautiful! We’ve been back every year since!

This year, unfortunately has not been a great year for the fall foliage. Hurricanes, storms and just plain rain and wind have greatly devastated the leaves and many of them fell off before turning. All that plus the fact that it was unusually hot here, has just really messed with the beauty of the leaves.


But, any day in the mountains is a good day to me! It was still beautiful as always! There were places where the color was better than others.

I’ve been wanting to see a bear in the wild (all the time I’ve spent out in the mountains and I’ve never seen one), and on the way up I told Michael (my husband) that I really hoped we got to see one! Well, we did! A little too close actually but I’ll take it! It ran out of the woods right in front of our car and we had to slam on brakes! It was so cool to finally be able to see one, and I even had time to snap a few pics of the little guy!


We went on down the parkway to Blowing Rock (one of my favorite places in the world!) walked around downtown and let the kids play at the park for a little bit. Then we went and rode through Boone before heading home. I’m telling you, it gets harder and harder to leave the mountains every time I go!

We had a great day! The kids enjoyed looking at the pretty leaves and getting to go out and explore a little bit. They especially liked getting to see the bear! We can’t wait to go back soon!!!


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